What is it?
A compilation of various artists to celebrate the work of Delia Derbyshire and other electronic pioneers. All profits to be given to the supporting label or charity – all the contributing artists can agree how any proceeds are shared.

The name?
My idea as a “starter for 10”  is below. Happy to change if anyone has a better idea. The image is also just a sketch.

Electrophon – Electronic Elements
A tribute to the Delia Derbyshire and other electronic pioneers.

To make the compilation have more variety, how about opening the concept up to include Delia and other early synth users (e.g. Wendy Carlos, Terry Riley)?

Tracks should be based on classic synth styles/classical music/film sound track or even your own composition. This can be the starting point. Choose how you want to interpret (ambient, industrial, experimental, disco…). Interpretations rather than straight covers preferred – as long as it can be recognised. The only rough stipulation is to include some 60s/70s electronic sounds/synths to tie back to the theme.

Tracks should be complete and by Friday 17 January 2020. We will also need to finalize distribution (e.g. digital only, streaming of physical) and art-work. We can aim for a release 4-6 weeks after this.

Get in touch:
Please email john@soundeffectsofdeathandhorror.co.uk with your contact details if you’d like to be involved. For those of you who’ve already expressed an interest you slots are booked. Could you also please email though so I can contact you outside Twitter.

Finally, please let me know once you’ve got an idea of the track you’re doing so we can avoid duplicates.

Looking forward to this – it will be really interesting!