– A Journey Through Radiophonica.

What is it?
A charity compilation of various artists to celebrate the work of Delia Derbyshire and other electronic pioneers. 13 artists have submitted tracks – see the list and listen below.

The charity:
The artists have agreed that the supported charity will be Delia Derbyshire Day. Profits will go to them once the label has recouped costs.

The cover:
The cover has been produced by our very own nf.orange and is an homage to the original 1968 BBC Radiophonic album. A back cover, CD label and further promotional images will be created. St James Infirmary has already produced the image below.

The album will have a CD release via Wormhole World in late April/early May. A press release/pack will be issued prior to this to magazines, blogs etc with the hope of gathering some media coverage.

In agreement with the label, we have changed the title to better reflect the content, artists and avoid confusion with other compilations.

The artists:

Each artists has created a track using 60/70’s sounds as a starting point. They include both covers, classical pieces and original works. This has given us 13 tracks with a wide variety of styles and sounds that fit together really well. A nice tribute – you can hear them below.

Contributing artists and tracks:

Track Artist
Deep Thought Sick Robot
Deo Gratias Alan Morse Davies
Like Clockwork Roberta Fidora
Le Sacre du Printemps – Danse Sacrale Petridisch
Leisure Time The Central Office Of Information
Let Ur Charm Inundate All  The Home Current
Lover’s Wine Flying Pyjamas
Metro Musix Elizabeth Joan Kelly
Pachebel’s Canon Lies Broken On The Ground Rupert Lally
Soave Maria Moray Newlands
The Menace Of Terror SEODAH
Toccata in D Minor St James Infirmary
Within Dreams mzungu


Next steps:

  1. Finalise the title, artwork etc
  2. Agree launch date
  3. Finalise track-listing
  4. Contact charity for confirmation and associated publicity
  5. Create/issue press release and associated promo materials


Each artist gives agreement that their track will be used for this compilation for both digital download and physical release as appropriate.  The artist retains ownership of the track and can re-use (e.g. further releases, streaming media).


John – john@soundeffectsofdeathandhorror.co.uk