Hootie Tootie, Disco Cutie” is a four track, digital-only EP of slightly-disappointing, out of tune disco music for mediocre dancing… with robots singing. All bandcamp profits from the EP will got to West Lothian Cats Protection.

It’s inspired by the amazing film, “The Greasy Strangler“, directed by Jim Hosking.

If you want to listen to spunky music about a serial killer who smears his naked body in cooking fat before committing murders, this is for you.

“Big Ronnie” is the lead track and is available straight-away on bandcamp. The full EP will be available from 17 September 2021.

It will also be on streaming services from the same date.

Put a little grease in your coffee and buy it now, unless you’re a bullsh*t artist.

Big Ronnie Excerpt Video

Track listing:

1. Big Ronnie
2. Cutting The Cheese
3. Hootie Tootie
4. A Little Grease In Your Coffee

Buy Now:

Pre-order on bandcamp and get lead track “Big Ronnie” right now.

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