Introducing More Death And Horror


M.D.A.H. is collaboration conceived by John SEODAH (Sound Effects Of Death And Horrorusually electronica, ambient and other assorted odd noises. It also features Jim Hinder (ex-Onslaught – Killing Peace, In Search Of Sanity ) on bass, Tommy Concrete (ex-The Exploited, current Werewolf and solo) on guitar/vocals and John and Sophie (Hand Of Kalliach) on vocals. The collective is split between Edinburgh and the West Country.

M.D.A.H. combines 80’s thrash, 70s electronic film scores and 200 bpm electro-grind – influenced by Celtic Frost, Slayer, Goblin, Zombi, Napalm Death,  Sigh and Japanese noise like Polysics and Melt-Banana – to name but a few.

Most of the themes/lyrics for their songs come from horror books and films, along with a couple of more political tracks thrown in. The loose concepts behind them are that no matter how you try and escape, there are real-life horrors all around.

What about the name?

More Death And Horror” is the name of the second BBC horror sound effects albums from the seventies; the first one being “Sound Effects Of Death And Horror”…

Debut album

the group’s debut album will be released on Halloween 2022. The pefect date for More Death And Horror….

Contact information:

Launch Track: Hellbound Heart

Hellbound Heart (Let’s Kill Frank) is featured on the charity double album Moshin’ The Roof On Vol. 3 from UKthrashers.

The track is based on Clive Barker’s book that became Hellraiser. The slow intro riffs on the film’s main theme then it segues into a thrashy hardcore tune.

Some early reviews have said about  the track:

The Razor’s Edge:
More Death and Horror
 add their gruesome horror themed ‘Hellbound Heart (Lets Kill Frank)’ almost like a sacrificial lamb to the slaughter, wonderful stuff.

Metal Temple:
MORE DEATH AND HORROR – “Hellbound” Definitely one of the more experimental songs of the album, it’s like the duck-billed platypus of metal sub genres, not quite fitting into any. The ever-prominent synths in the background almost give the song a lounge like feel, something I’m not sure I’ve ever heard in metal before. The guitarist seems to have a mind of their own, randomly noodling away, yet this musical chaos works. I’m enjoying the consistently heavy mid-range growl throughout, giving the song a melodic-death metal vibe. A pleasant surprise indeed.

In the previous 2 years UK Thashers have raised over £4000 to help Shelter combat the Homeless crisis in the UK and MDAH want to help add to that total again for the 2022 edition.

You can order the double limited edition double CD from Bandcamp. T-shirts and other merch are available.