More Death And Horror – Sounds Of Tyrants

How can you help?

We’re looking for an artist to collaborate on the artwork and an accompanying comic for  our first album, “Sounds Of Tyrants“. We’d also like to put out a double A-side single initially to help build awareness – see right – and artwork will be needed for this.

We’re happy to fund and support as required. For th ealbum we are planning to donate any artist profits of the initial release to mental health charities.


The current pictures used in the covers are for illustration only as they contain copyrighted images. We’d like to keep the layout (fonts, colours etc) roughly the same and replace the images with designs based on the comic but are happy for other ideas too.

The comic

The comic book we are looking to collaborate on will be based on the lyrics of each track (or theme for the 2 instrumentals) – there’s a link to the lyrics and more details below. Stylistically we’re keen on 70s/80s style comics; like Action, 2000AD and especially Scream! but are happy for suggestions!

We’d like the design to reflect the album cover etc so they work as a package.

Initially we’d be keen on a 1 to two page sample we can use with the single release and also to help with record company support.

The Album

The two tracks for the proposed single and the instrumentals have been completed. Vocals for the remaining six tracks are in progress. You can hear the completed tracks, as well as the demos of the others below:

About More Death And Horror

M.D.A.H. is collaboration conceived by John SEODAH (Sound Effects Of Death And Horrorusually electronica, ambient and other assorted odd noises. It also features Jim Hinder (ex-Onslaught – Killing Peace, In Search Of Sanity ) on bass, Tommy Concrete (ex-The Exploited, current Werewolf and solo) on guitar/vocals and John and Sophie (Hand Of Kalliach) on vocals. The collective is split between Edinburgh and the West Country.

About Sounds Of Tyrants

S.O.T. combines 80’s thrash, 70s electronic film scores and “Grindwave” – influenced by Celtic Frost, Slayer, Goblin, Zombi, Napalm Death, Sigh and Japanese noise like Polysics and Melt-Banana – to name but a few.

Most of the themes/lyrics for the songs come from horror books and films, along with a couple of more political tracks that bookend the album. The loose concept behind this is that no matter how you try and escape, there are real-life horrors all around.

What about the name?

More Death And Horror” is the name of the second BBC horror sound effects albums from the seventies; the first one being “Sound Effects Of Death And Horror”…

Track listing

  1. Seitanic Rites – instrumental
    Short instrumental riffing on various horror scores/themes from the last 50 years.

  2. Sounds Of Tyrants – vocals: Tommy Concrete
    This is the intro track with lyrics based on Sounds Of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel.

  3. Night Of The Crabs – vocals: Tommy Concrete
    Based on the book by the late Guy N Smith – trash horror at its finest. A super-fast Grindwavetm track with possibly the best dumb chorus ever.

  4. Daggers Of Megiddo – vocals: Hand Of Kalliach
    Based on The Omen trilogy, a slow chugger with synths. Some of the musical influence also comes from Ave Satani by Jerry Goldsmith.

  5. WW ZED – vocals: Tommy Concrete
    Another Grindwave track. Starts with a riff of YYZ by Rush before summarising George A Romero’s classic “Dead” trilogy.

  6. Jebediah Morningside – instrumental
    Inspired by the Phantasm series, a synth-based instrumental named after the tall man character’s original name.

  7. Queen Of Black Magic – vocals: Tommy Concrete
    The title is from an Indonesian film about a vengeful witch…. Another slow track influenced by Celtic Frost.

  8. Meatball Machine – vocals: Tommy Concrete
    The last Grindwave track. The name is from a Japanese film about aliens entering humans, turning them into bio-mechanical monsters and making them fight – features some quality Vocoder on the chorus.

  9. Hellbound Heart – Let’s Kill Frank- vocals: Hand Of Kalliach
    Based on Clive Barker’s book that became Hellraiser. The slow intro riffs on the theme from Hellraiser – it segues into a thrashy hardcore tune.

  10. Sound Effects Of Death And Horror- vocals: Hand Of Kalliach
    Name from the 1970s sound effects album from the BBC… an old school thrasher to end the album.

Contact information:

Launch Single: Hellbound Heart & Meatball Machine

We’d like to issue a single prior to the full album release.

This will be a double A-side with two tracks – Hellbound Heart and Meatball Machine. These have already been mixed and mastered.

Ideally this will be as a limited edition 7″ vinyl, digital download and streaming. We’ll also make a video for one of the tracks.

You can hear them below: