Introducing M.D.A.H. (More Death And Horror)

M.D.A.H. is collaboration conceived in early 2020 by John SEODAH (Sound Effects Of Death And Horror). It also features his little big brother Jim Hinder (ex-Onslaught – Killing Peace, In Search Of Sanity) on bass, Tommy Concrete (ex-The Exploited, solo) on guitar/vocals and John and Sophie (Hand Of Kalliach) on vocals. The collective is split between Edinburgh and the West Country.

M.D.A.H. combines electro-thrash and 70’s electronic film scores  – influenced by Celtic Frost, Slayer, Goblin, Zombi, Antisect, Sigh and Japanese noise like Polysics and Melt-Banana – to name but a few.

More Death And Horror is the name of the second BBC horror sound effects albums from the seventies; the first one being Sound Effects Of Death And Horror…

M.D.A.H. lyrics and themes come from extreme cult cinema as well as classic horror books and films, underpinned by a healthy political cynicism.

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