• Release Date: 9 April 2021
  • Pre-order: 12 March 2021
  • Labels: HREA’M Recordings (Cassette) and Wormhole World (CD)

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Introducing Mota-Rolla:

Mota-Rolla is the third full album from Sound Effects Of Death And Horror (SEODAH).

The initial idea for the project came from 11 improvisations that were recorded during a family holiday to the Highlands. When I came home I added further eBow guitar and piano improv in my tiny loft studio, then arranged them into the eight structured compositions on the release.

All instruments were played as live and occasionally looped, including strings and wind instruments taken from the BBC Symphony Orchestra sound pack by Spitfire Audio.

The end-result broadly fits into the ambient category but is also redolent of instrumental prog, electronic, drones and minimalism with influences from Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, Terry Riley, Robert Fripp and Brian Eno to Philip Glass.

The name Mota-Rolla and initial cover design are based on Judas Priest’s first album, Rocka Rolla – a record I loved as a child – combined with the expediential growth of mobile technology and “always on” culture. This carries into the loose theme of the release – a slower life inspired by the peace of the Highlands; when phones were for talking and social media didn’t exist, supported by the use of samples of analogue telephone services from the 1970s in some of the tracks.

The lead track, Mota-Rolla, is available on SoundCloud and as a short video on YouTube.

The album is also available on the usual streaming services.

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The artist name might suggest that this would be the kind of track ideal for the upcoming Halloween happenings, but listening to Jet:450 turns the table around as it seems to provide the opposite of this presumptive idea. Here beautifully warm tones are spun around, lovingly spaced out with a unique gracefulness that feels most divine and cinematographic, lush and wondrous.

About The Labels:

About HREA’M Recordings

HREA’M Recordings was born in 2020 from a feeling that musician Darren j Holloway (SINNEN, D^MSELFLY, TQN-aut) had one night while watching the snooker that the world couldn’t possibly do without one more netlabel.

Our mission is to bring sounds from lesser-travelled paths to keen and open ears, to work with a heady blend of our favourite underground artists and first-timers wanting to try their luck.

We concentrate predominantly on short run, hand-dubbed cassettes with special consideration for artwork and packaging. Our aim is to give both artist and music the love and attention they deserve, while delivering collectable quality at a reasonable price that won’t scare away the discerning underground music supporter (such as yourself).

HREA’M Recordings. Sounds from the paths less travelled.

About Wormhole World

Wormhole World is a not-for-profit micro netlabel offering a platform for leftfield and experimtneal music/noise.  Formed in 2018, the label has had over 130 releases and cites Neil Arthur and Vince Clarke as admirers.

Since inception, Wormhole World has rasied almost £8,500 with all profits being offered straight back to the artists.