Charity EP “Hootie Tootie, Disco Cutie“ Releases On 17 September

Release Date: 17 September 2021
Format: Digital

About Hootie Tootie, Disco Cutie

Hootie Tootie, Disco Cutie is a 4 track EP of slightly disappointing, out of tune disco music for mediocre dancing. It’s inspired by the classic cult film, The Greasy Strangler, directed by Jim Hosking.

The four tracks are named after elements of the film and are a mixture of instrumental and vocal tracks. Any singing or voices you can hear were made with synths – no humans were harmed.

Big Ronnie is the lead track and is available straight-away on bandcamp.

The full EP will be available from 17 September 2021. It will also be on streaming services from the same date.

All bandcamp profits will got to West Lothian Cats Protection.

Big Ronnie Video

Track listing:

  1. Big Ronnie
  2. Cutting The Cheese
  3. Hootie Tootie
  4. A Little Grease In Your Coffee


About Sound Effects Of Death And Horror

“Sound Effects Of Death And Horror (SEODAH) is a one-person project by me, John – sometimes called Distruth, depending on my mood. The name comes from the BBC soundtrack album released in 1977.

My early memories are full of classic sci-fi/horror, civil defence, nuclear siren tests, public information films, Quatermass and Doctor Who.

Ever since I was a child I’ve been fascinated by sound; how it works, how to manipulate it and the effect it has on people.

Whether it’s Celtic Frost, Tangerine Dream, King Crimson, Kraftwerk or film soundtracks it’s all just music to me.

I see SEODAH as a series of projects and concepts that interest me. Whether you class it as prog, ambient, electronic, or experimental music is up to the listener.”



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