Our next release, The Ocean And The Truth EP, is now available on all major streaming and digital sites.  It’s a collection of remixes taken from SEODAH’s debut album, Stone Tape. It is being released by WEATNU RecordsThe Ocean And The Truth EP.

The EP includes three tracks, rebuilt from the ground up to have a dance and beat-based focus and the occasional Vocoder rap. 

The tracks are:

The Ocean And The Truth – Bubblegum
The ocean is dying. This means that planet is dying and we are all dying. Mother Nature is here to kick ass and chew bubble gum – and she’s all out of bubblegum.

Post-apocalyptic Dream Home – Tubular
After the bomb drops you’ll have plenty of time to build your dream home, as long as you don’t die first.

The story of Blix and Blee – Menthol (Instrumental and Vocoder versions)
A tale in verse and Vocoder of the two little elves, Blix and Blee, who live in an empty menthol jar beneath the old jub-jub tree, and one night rush to the rescue of little Dickie, a sick child.

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You can listen on BandCamp below:


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