The Ocean And The Truth EP is a collection of remixes taken from the SEODAH debut album, Stone Tape. It is being released by WEATNU Records.

The EP includes three tracks, rebuilt from the ground up to have a dance and beat-based focus and the occasional vocoder rap. The tracks are:

The Ocean And The Truth – Bubblegum
The ocean is dying. This means that planet is dying and we are all dying. Mother Nature is here to kick ass and chew bubble gum – and she’s all out of bubblegum.

Post-apocalyptic Dream Home – Tubular
After the bomb drops you’ll have plenty of time to build your dream home, as long as you don’t die first.

The story of Blix and Blee – Menthol (Instrumental and Vocoder versions)
A tale in verse and Vocoder of the two little elves, Blix and Blee, who live in an empty menthol jar beneath the old jub-jub tree, and one night rush to the rescue of little Dickie, a sick child.

You can hear four extracts from the EP on SoundCloud.  You can also pre-order on Bandcamp. If you pre-order you get to download The Ocean And The Truth immediately. Sample it here:

About Stone Tape

Stone Tape is a collection of electronic music collated from other multi-genre projects. Key influences include the British folk horror, hauntology and dystopia of the 60s/70s, as well as the Cold War and Civil Defence propaganda from the same era.

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